Sunflower oil sales by Kernel 6% lower in FY 2020

Kernel reduced its sales of sunflower oil by 6% to 1.52 mln t in FY2020(July 2019-June 2020) (FY2019: 1.62 mln t).

Oilseeds processing increased by 9% to 3.44 mln t from the prior year's comparative period (FY 2019: 3.16 mln t).

Pursuant to the company's report, the production facilities achieved 99% capacity utilization thus set another oilseeds processing record.Kernel asset base, FY 2019

Kernel oil-extraction plants processed 916 thou. t of sunflower seeds in Q4 FY2020 — the largest ever volumes in the last quarter of the financial year, and 2% up y-o-y (Q4 FY2019: 896.2). Edible oil sales volumes in the last quarter of the financial year reached 489 thou. t, a 10% increase y-o-y, the highest ever sales in one single quarter.

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As a reminder, two company's crushing facilities are rated among the TOP 10 largest unrefined sunflower oil producers in September 2019-May 2020.Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)


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