Ukroilprom announced major refined sunflower oil producers

In the period of September 2019-May 2020, Delta Wilmar Ukraine, a subsidiary of Delta Wilmar CIS, produced the largest volume of refined sunflower oil among crushing facilities in Ukraine. The company's market share totals 17%, the Ukroilprom Association data show.

The TOP 10 producers of refined sunflower oil in the reporting period by market share:

  1. Delta Wilmar CIS: 17%
  2. Dnipropetrovsk Oil Extraction Plant (Bunge): 15.7%
  3. Poltava Oil Crushing Plant (Kernel): 10%
  4. Prykolotne Oil Crushing Plant (Kernel): 8%
  5. Oliyar: 7.9%
  7. GradOil Refinery: 6.7%
  8. Viktor & K: 6.5%
  9. VVVV: 3.3%
  10. Pology Oil Extraction Plant: 3%

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

The total volume of refined sunflower oil produced in this period is 709.1 thou. t.

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In the current season, exports of high-oleic vegetable oil (in Sep-May) reached a record level: +55% on the corresponding period of 2018/19.


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