New harvest in Vinnytsya region crossed 1 mln t, average yield at 4.43 t/ha

As of July 29, 2020, agricultural producers in Vinnytsya region harvested 1.02 mln t of grain. The average yield of early grain and leguminous crops is 4.43 t/ha, Vinnytsya Region State Administration reports.

In total, 229.1 thou. ha of early grain and leguminous crops were threshed, 55.3% of the planned.

Harvesting of winter barley is completed: 147.9 thou. t of grain using the average yield of 4.51 t/ha. Pea harvest reached 13.6 thou. t using the average yield is 2.89 t/ha.

Winter wheat and spring barley harvest is in progress. Winter wheat has been harvested on the area of 166.5 thou. ha, which is 54% of the planned areas. The new crop has made up 764.5 thou. t with the average yield of 4.59 t/ha. Spring barley has been harvested on the area of 25.1 thou. ha (44,3% to the planned), 89,6 thousand tons of grain have been threshed using the average yield of 3.57 t/ha.

Winter rapeseed campaign is finalized in the region: 138.2 thou. t of the new harvest, the oilseed crop yielded 2.87 t/ha on average.

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Early grain crops production in Kherson region has reached 2.27 mln t on 708.66 thou. ha. The crops yielded 3.2 t/ha.

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