World sunflower production 2021/22 up by 2 mln t: July USDA report

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) projects the world sunflowerseed production in 2021/22 to reach 56.99 mln t, 2.07 mln t above the June report, 54.92 mln t.

In its July report, the Agriculture Department put the world sunflowerseed oil output 0.64 mln t higher at 21.79 mln t compared to last month. Sunflowerseed meal production was pegged at 23.23 mln t, 0.67 mln t up mth/mth.

The forecast for sunflowerseed production in Ukraine remains stable at 16.7 mln t, sunflowerseed oil at 6.98 mln t, sunflowerseed meal at 6.7 mln t.

The forecasted volumes of sunflowerseed and derived products output in key producing countries in 2021/22 as opposed to 2020/21 estimate:

Country Sunflowerseed, mln t Sunflowerseed meal, mln t Sunflowerseed oil, mln t
 Ukraine 16.7 6.7 6.98
 Argentina 3.4 1.32 1.32
 Russia 16.5 (+2) 5.96 (+0.49) 5.99 (+0.5)
 Turkey 1.8 1.43 1.2 (+0.07)
 European Union 10 4.86 (+0.05) 3.82 (+0.04)

Sunflowerseed production in other countries, not stated above, is projected at 8.59 mln t, sunflowerseed oil at 2.48 mln t, sunflowerseed meal at 2.88 mln t in 2021/22.

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In 10 months of 2020/21 (Sep-June), sunflower oil export from Ukraine made up 4.75 mln t, accounting for 88.21% of the agreed volume in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Sunflower area in Ukraine in the 2021 crop year amounts to 6.48 mln ha (2020: 6.2 mln ha).

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