Corn production 2021 in Ukraine projected 22% higher YoY

In their interim forecasts, analysts revised upward their estimate of Ukrainian grain and leguminous crops production in 2021/22 to 75.6 mln t. This exceeds the June estimate (73.8 mln t) by 2% and the 2020 harvest by 16% (64.9 mln t), the APK-Inform consultancy writes.

Wheat bulk yield in Ukraine in the current season is estimated at 28.3 mln t (+14% compared to 2020/21, +4% on June estimate), barley at 8 mln t (+5%; +0.5%) and corn at 36.2 mln t (+22%; +2%).

"Ukraine's grain production forecast has been increased based on high early grain yields, as per field data. Yet the weather factor should not be overlooked. Heavy rains in Ukraine have delayed harvesting and caused local lodging of crops, which complicates the harvesting of wheat and barley and could lead to increased losses. As for the growth in corn production estimate, the current weather conditions and sufficient moisture in the soil are contributing to its growth and development, and Ukrainian agrarians may harvest a new record crop in 2021," says APK-Inform analyst Viktoria Rozhko.

It is still difficult to assess the quality characteristics of new crop grain, she adds. If rains persist in Ukraine, it may affect the quality of the grain, i.e. its moisture, protein and gluten content, as well as cause the development of pathogenic microflora.

"At the moment there is variable information about the quality of wheat: some producers report high quality of grain, others report an insufficient level of gluten and expect that this season there will be more fodder than food raw material. So it is too early to make any assessments on the matter," Victoria Rozhko comments.

As of 22 July, the new crop campaign was 22% completed. Agriproducers harvested 14.1 mln t of early grain and leguminous crops. The average yield stood at 4.18 t/ha.

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