Oil content of new crop sunflowerseed in Ukraine is low: G.R. Agro

Weather conditions developed in Dnipropetrovsk region affected the local producer's plans to harvest sunflower in the last decade of August and early September 2021. The harvesting campaign is about two weeks delayed, G.R. Agro reports.

Sunflower yields received at G.R. Agro's grain elevators range from 1.7 t/ha to 3 t/ha. The company admits it does not expect any particularly high indicators like it was in the record 2019—3 t/ha.

G.R. Agro experts stress that currently there are no quality concerns about the new crop sunflowerseed in Ukraine. There are reports of heterogeneity of the crop delivered to the elevators in terms of moisture—from 8% to 21%. In addition, oil content of sunflower is low, at 42-47%.

"Despite the expectations of the start of an active harvest campaign in early September, producers began harvesting around August 26-27 at a very slow pace. As of today, about 5% of the sown area in Dnipropetrovsk region has been covered," the company says.

As of 2 September, the sunflower harvest in Ukraine covered 78.2 thou. ha and resulted in 138.8 thou. t of new crop. The average yield was 1.76 t/ha.

Sunflowerseeds production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

In the crop year 2020, sunflower yielded 13.1 mln t using the average yield of 2.07 t/ha, in 2019 producers harvested 14.6 mln t of sunflowerseeds at 2.51 t/ha.

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