Oilseeds production in Ukraine projected 20% higher

Gross oilseeds production in Ukraine in the crop year 2021 is projected by the Association Ukroilprom to total over 22 mln t. This indicator is 20.2% higher than the previous year's output.

Sunflowerseeds production in Ukraine is forecast 24% higher from 2020, at 16 mln t. Rapeseed production is projected 9% up, soybean 11% above the 2020 crop year's result.

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According to the head of the Association Stepan Kapshuk, the existing in Ukraine capacity is sufficient to process the total harvest of oilseed crops. In addition, a large part of the enterprises is multifunctional, capable of processing various oilseeds.

Analysts of the Ukroliaprom Association consider the future of the Ukrainian oil and fats industry in the maximum increase of domestic processing of rapeseed and soybeans at local facilities.

"It also lies in preserving and boosting the export potential of Ukraine's oil and fat products, in particular, sunflowerseed oil and meal. We also welcome cooperation with foreign investors, especially Chinese, who show interest in locating processing facilities on the territory of Ukraine," adds the expert.

Sunflower production in Ukraine in 2020 was finalized at 13.1 mln t, soybean at 2.8 mln t, rapeseed at 2.55 mln t.

In the 2020/21(September 2020–August 2021) season, China was the key export market for sunflowerseed oil shipment from Ukraine.

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