Правительство Украины ушло в отставку

Арсений Яценюк, Премьер-министр Украины

 Глава правительства Арсений Яценюк объявил о своей отставке. Об этом премьер заявил в своем обращении, которое было обнародовано 10 апреля.

Яценюк заявил, что покидает пост премьер-министра.

"Парламентская фракция Блока Петра Порошенко выдвинула на пост главы правительства Владимира Гройсмана. Сделав все для стабильности и преемственности курса, заявляю о решении передать обязанности руководителя правительства Украины", - заявил Яценюк.


Address of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk

I have taken the decision to resign as Prime Minister of Ukraine. On Tuesday, April 12 my request will be submitted to the Parliament. The political crisis in the country was created artificially. The desire to change one person blinded politicians and paralyzed their political will for real change. The process of changing the Government turned into a mindless running in place.We cannot allow destabilization of the executive branch during a war. This would be inevitable, if after this resignation a new Government of Ukraine is not selected immediately. The Parliamentary faction of the Block of Petro Poroshenko has nominated Volodymyr Groysman to the post of Prime Minister. Having done everything to ensure stability and continuity of our course, I declare my decision to transfer the obligations and responsibilities of the Head of Government of Ukraine.Both of the last two Cabinets were unique. They were the first manifestations of New Ukraine. I thank those colleagues who have acted honestly and selflessly.Over the past two years of war, my fellow party members from People’s Front faction have been a pillar of support to the Government in Parliament during difficult unpopular, but necessary reforms. I thank People’s Front for its support. Please support my decision and continue our joint work together. People's Front remains in the coalition because today it is the only way to defend the state.I thank our nation, society, civil society activists, volunteers; I thank each and every one of you for your endurance and patience.As of today my goals are broader than the authority of the Head of Government. New electoral law. Constitutional reform. Judicial reform. Coalition control over the direction of the new Government. International support of Ukraine. Ukraine’s membership in the European Union and NATO. This is only a part of my program.The core of our problems is not purely political. It is ethical. As in our everyday lives, politics is the result of morality - our ethical standards. If dignity and morality require changing the political rules, then changing these rules is certain to occur.

Опубліковано Арсенієм Яценюком 10 квітня 2016 р.



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