NOVAAGRO elevators stored over 70 thousand tons of early grain


Since the beginning of the harvesting season, the NOVAAGRO agro-industrial complex has stored more than 70 thousand tons of new crop in its elevators in the Kharkiv region.

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 "We did a lot of preparatory work before the start of the season. We met with farmers and traders who work in this region and told them about our elevators and terms of cooperation. This has brought positive results. To date, the company's elevators have been accredited by more than 10 large grain traders, including Kernel, Bunge, CHS, Engelhart, Louis Dreyfus, Delta Wilmar, State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine, AgroGeneration, ADM, Malteurop, Agropropseris, Agromino, and others. Our clients do trust us," says Dmytro Dobroshtan, director of the NOVAAGRO agro-industrial complex.

Reference: the NOVAAGRO agro-industrial complex has recently entered the Ukrainian grain market. It owns Velykyi Burluk, Orel, Hrakovo, and Kovyagov elevators.

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