Grain export 2019/20: wheat supply nears 19 mln t

Since the start of 2019/20 (July 2019 – June 2020), grain export shipment from Ukraine has reached 50.15 mln t.

As of Apr. 29, agricultural commodities shipment increased by 7.86 mln t (18.5%) from the prior year's comparative period, 42.29 mln t, the information and analytical portal of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine reports.

Grain export structure in the reporting period is as follows:

  • wheat — 18.91 mln t (32% or 4.58 mln t more y-o-y);
  • barley — 4.67 mln t (38% or 1.29 mln t more y-o-y);
  • corn — 25.89 mln t (9% or 2.05 mln t more y-o-y);
  • rye — 8.2 thou. t (91% or 80.0 thou. t less y-o-y).

Export of wheat since the beginning of the season is 21% or 3.33 mln t more from the total volume exported in 2018/19 (15.58 mln t).

Agricultural products export from Ukraine (click for full resolution)

The European Union introduced an import duty on corn, rye and sorghum of EUR 5.27 (USD 5.72) per ton as US prices fell to a 10-year low.

The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine and grain traders signed a document which provides for a limit of wheat export from Ukraine in 2019/20, i.e. until June 30, 2020, at 20.2 mln t. The Government says it is ready to curb exports in case the limit is exceeded.

The Government postponed the decision on corn export limit in 2019/20. The Annex 2 to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Economy Ministry and grain market participants was elaborated and considered by the parties.

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