Major grain shippers from Ukraine rated by Stark Shipping

Kernel is Ukraine's top grain shipper in the 2019/20 season with a market share of 13.29%. Within the past season, the company intensified shipment by 1.9 mln t, a Stark Shipping report data show.

"Commissioning of Transgrain terminal in the port of Chernomorsk (berths #14 and #15) contributed to the increase of shipment volume. The company also exported through TIS and Nika-Tera terminals," the report reads.

The principal amounts of grain were shipped by Kernel to:

  • China: 1.64 mln t
  • Netherlands: 1.3 mln t
  • Indonesia: 0.75 mln t
  • Egypt: 0.63 mln t

The TOP 5 grain exporters from Ukraine in 2019/20:

Since the start of 2020/21, staple grains export shipment from Ukraine has reached 1.14 mln t. As of July 24, agricultural commodities shipment reduced by 1.32 mln t from the prior year's comparative period.

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