Japan resumed imports of Ukrainian poultry products

Japan cancelled the ban on the export of poultry meat and eggs from Ukraine effective August 2. The measure was imposed in December 2020 in response to the spread of pathogenic avian influenza (flu) in Ukraine, the SSUFSCP reports.

"Not only are we creating new export opportunities for Ukrainian companies, but we are also restoring access to foreign markets that were closed for various reasons. Market closure decisions are usually made quickly, while it takes considerable effort to convince partners to reopen the market. I am pleased we managed to assure our Japanese partners that Ukrainian products are safe and Ukrainian companies can export their products again from now on," marks Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Vladyslava Magaletska, the head of the SSUFSCP, adds that through the concerted efforts of the service and the ministry, a number of markets have been reopened for Ukrainian products. Previously, Jordan, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan and other countries resumed imports of foodstuffs from Ukraine.

Liberia also authorized Ukrainian producers of poultry meat and products for export to the country.

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