Ukrainian agricultural companies capitalization corrections, November 11-17

For the second consecutive week, the capitalization of six Ukrainian public agricultural companies is falling. Under the data of Eavex Capital, the companies' market cap for the period November 11-17, 2021, corrected as follows:

1. Kernel: decreased by 1% to USD 1198 mln

2. MHP: decreased by 0.5% to USD 854 mln

3. Astarta-Kyiv: decreased by 6.8% to USD 290 mln

4. IMC: decreased by 7.3% to USD 257 mln

5. Ovostar Union: decreased by 2.1% to USD 102 mln

6. Agroton: decreased by 11% to USD 43 mln

7. Milkiland: increased by 10.1% to USD 23 mln

8. Avangard: flat, USD 1 mln

Ukrainian agribusiness on stock exchanges (click for full resolution)

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