China corn production adds 4.6% in 2021

In 2021, Chinese farmers produced 4.6% more corn than in 2020, World Grain reports with reference to Reuters. The country's total corn production stood at 272.6 mln t.

It is noted that the producers in China switched to corn for its record-high prices during the planting period. Although, heavy rains in the northern part of the PRC did affect the quality of the crop and thus cut the production volume.

"Corn planting area was expanded by 5% YoY in 2021 and reached 43.32 mln ha. Corn yield dropped by 0.4%, partly for the flooding in the Huang-Huai-Hai river area," the message reads.

The bulk yield of grain in 2021 increased by 2% from a year earlier and made up 682.9 mln t, the statistical data shows.

Wheat production in China amounted to 136.9 mln t with both sown area and yield indicators higher from 2020.

In its November report, the USDA projected corn production in China in 2021/22 at 273 mln t.

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The new crop progress in Ukraine as of 25 November came to 79.73 mln t of grains and legumes on 15.2 mln ha. The average yield made up 5.25 t/ha.

Grains production and export from Ukraine (click for higher resolution)

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