Four maritime ports in Ukraine restricted grain operations

The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) reports that the majority of sea ports operate with no restrictions as of 8 a.m., 8 December, whereas four maritime ports have had to postpone operations with grain cargoes over the rain.

The following sea ports have restricted loading operations:

  • Izmail, Odesa region
  • Chornomorsk, Odesa region
  • Odesa, Odesa region
  • Pivdenny, Odesa region

Bystroye mouth, Bug-Dnipro-Lyman Canal (BDLC) and Kherson Sea Canal (KSC) are open.

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Agricultural commodities logistics in Ukraine (click for higher resolution)

Grains export from Ukraine as of 6 November came to 26.07 mln t. Since the start of 2021/22, staple grains export has enhanced by 17%.

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