TOP 14 Wheat Exporters From Ukraine in 10M 2021

The year 2021 is another period of record-high achievements of Ukrainian agricultural producers. The new crop grain production in Ukraine as of 25 November totalled 79.73 mln t. Wheat and barley production cracked all-time high indicators, 32.9 mln t and 10.1 mln t, respectively. Wheat export from Ukraine is pegged at 24.5 mln t, barley supply should reach 5.2 mln t, corn 30.8 mln t. The cumulative grains export from Ukraine in the 2021/22(July-June) season is projected at 61.5 mln t.

In the period of 10M 2021, from 1 January to 31 October, wheat export from Ukraine summed 16.5 mln t. The principal importing countries of Ukrainian origins were Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon.

The ranking of companies supplying wheat from Ukraine has not changed much from 2020, although some companies have switched their positions.

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There are 14 companies featured in the ranking. The rest not included account for 15.51% of the market or 2.7 mln t of wheat export from Ukraine in 10M 2021.

The ranking is based on data provided by agents operating in Ukrainian maritime ports.

Export, MMT
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Export, MMT: 2,26

Market share: 13,67%

Kernel-Trade, a subsidiary of Kernel Holding S.A., routinely heads the rankings of the largest exporters of agricultural commodities from Ukraine. Last year the company exported 2 mln t of wheat, which made Kernel number one operator with the largest volume of grain handling in ports of Ukraine in 2019/20. And in 2021, Kernel improved its performance to 2.26 mln t, which translates into 13.67% of the market share.

By the year 2026, Kernel is set to enhance its grains export, the volume of oilseeds crushing and expand the farmland bank managed by the company. Kernel strives to boost its grains export from Ukraine to 15 mln t per season.

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Export, MMT: 1,99

Market share: 12,02%

One of Ukraine's largest exporters of grain, the company NIBULON, supplied 1.99 mln t of wheat to foreign markets. This volume of grain exported generated a 12.02% market share for the company.

In 2020/21, the key markets for the company's wheat exports were Indonesia and Egypt, with shares of 27% and 15%, respectively. In total, NIBULON covered about 12% of the total wheat export from Ukraine. The company's share in exports of Ukrainian wheat to Indonesia was 20%, and to Egypt — 12%.

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Export, MMT: 1,63

Market share: 9,86%

In January-October 2021, the US food corporation Cargill exported 1.63 mln t of Ukrainian wheat, exceeding the previous year's figure by 200,000 t.

In November, the Cabinet of Ukraine announced that the country will be provided with a EUR 250 mln loan by Cargill.

Louis Dreyfus Company
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Export, MMT: 1,55

Market share: 9,41%

Louis Dreyfus Company B.V., also called the Louis-Dreyfus Group, a major agricultural trading company, controls around 10% of global trade in agricultural commodities. The company has subsidiaries in more than 100 countries with headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Louis Dreyfus Ukraine revenues totalled UAH 9.71 bln in 2020 and profit made up UAH 267.6 mln.

Louis Dreyfus Company's Ukrainian subsidiary exported 1.55 mln t of wheat in 10M 2021, accounting for 9.41% of the market. In 2020, this indicator was 1.6 mln t.

Sierentz Global Merchants
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Export, MMT: 0,97

Market share: 5,62%

A grain trading company Sierentz Global Merchants Ukraine was established in 2017 by the ex-managers of Louis Dreyfus Company. The company joined the top ten Ukrainian grain exporters with 2.07 mln t of supplies in 2018/2019. Apparently, the year 2021 is no exception: the company, as before, occupies a key position in agro-export. Sierentz exported 900 thou. t of wheat in 10M 2021. However, this is still less than the previous year's figure, 1.1 mln t.

COFCO Agri Ukraine
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Export, MMT: 0,81

Market share: 4,92%

COFCO Agri Ukraine, a subsidiary of the Chinese grain corporation COFCO, exported 815,000 t of wheat in 10M 2021, equivalent to 4.92% of the market. However, in 2020, this figure was much higher. Last year the company shipped 882 thou. t of grain from Ukraine.

In 2020, the company was ranked among the top three largest terminals implementing the ship-to-ship (STS) loading method. The terminal managed to transship over 442.8 thou. t of cargo.

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Export, MMT: 0,79

Market share: 4,78%

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Export, MMT: 0,78

Market share: 4,71%

Viterra Ukraine
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Export, MMT: 0,74

Market share: 4,48%

ADM Trading Ukraine
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Export, MMT: 0,59

Market share: 3,42%

CHS Ukraine
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Export, MMT: 0,53

Market share: 3,25%

Orsett Trading
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Export, MMT: 0,52

Market share: 3,14%

Olam Ukraine
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Export, MMT: 0,35

Market share: 2,11%

Falcon Ukraine
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Export, MMT: 0,33

Market share: 2,02%

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