Ukroilprom estimates sunflower oil output in Ukraine 24% up YoY in 2021/22

The Association Ukroilprom projects a record sunflower oil production in Ukraine in the 2021/22(September-August) season — over 7.2 mln t, 24.1% up YoY. As reported, this forecast matches the one made by foreign analysts.

With the start of the year 2022, the Association expects the intensification of sunflowerseeds processing by crushing plants in Ukraine.

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Experts add that as per the December USDA report, the production of the main oilseeds in Ukraine will amount to 24.25 mln t:

  • sunflowerseeds: 17.5 mln t (+3.4 mln t, +24.11%)
  • soybean: 3.7 mln t (+0.7 mln t, +23.3%)
  • rapeseed: 3.05 mln t (+0.3 mln t, or +10.9%)

The Ukroilprom association estimates the yield of the main oilseeds in Ukraine at 22.9 mln t, including:

  • sunflowerseeds: 16.5 mln t (+3.4 mln t, +25.9%)
  • soybeans: 3.4 mln t (+0.63 mln t, +22.7%)
  • rapeseed: 3 mln t (+0.4 mln t, +15.4%)

The State Statistics Service data reveals that sunflowerseed stocks as of December 1, 2021, increased by 1,726.5 mln t YoY, including 1,518.3 mln t stored by agricultural producers and 207.8 thou. t at enterprises engaged in storage and processing.

Experts observed that with a record sunflowerseed production of more than 16 mln t, they expected sunflower oil production to increase by more than 10% in this period.

Previously AgriCensus reported that sunflower oil prices in Ukraine fell to a 3-month low.

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for higher resolution)

Crude sunflower oil production in Ukraine in 2020/21 totalled 4.7 mln t. Refined sunflower oil output by crushers in Ukraine made up 745.3 thou. t.


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