Soybean stocks in Ukraine shrank 2.4x

Soybean stocks in Ukraine as of June 1, 2020, dropped 2.4x YoY to 431 thou. t. On the reporting date last year, soybean stocks totalled 1.94 mln t, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine informs.

Agricultural enterprises stored 301.8 thou. t, 2.1x less YoY. Enterprises specializing in processing and storage kept 129.2 thou. t of the oilseed crop, 3x less YoY.

Wheat stocks in the reporting period decreased by 18.4% to 1.97 mln t. In addition, at the enterprises engaged in storage and processing, grain reserves amounted to 1.37 mln t, and at agricultural producers 598.8 thou. t.Grain production worldwide (click for full resolution)

According to statistical data, corn stocks were also lower from last year's and amounted to 3.14 mln t (June 1, 2019: 4.43 mln t), including 1.97 mln t accumulated by agricultural producers, at enterprises engaged in storage and processing 1.17 mln t.

Barley stocks in Ukraine in the reporting period were slightly higher from last year's by 2% and amounted to 692.3 thou. t: at the enterprises engaged in storage and processing, stocks of barley amounted to 499.2 thou. t, and at agricultural producers' facilities 193.1 thou. t.

According to the State Statistics Service, sunflower reserves stood at 2.28 mln t (June 1, 2019: 2.15 mln t), including 919.2 thou. t stored by agricultural producers, and 1.36 mln t at enterprises engaged in storage and processing.

Rapeseed stocks increased by 29% to 82.6 thou. t (June 1, 2019: 64.1 thou. t).Oilseed crops production worldwide (click for full resolution)

As of June 1, 2020, stocks of grain and leguminous crops in Ukraine amounted to 6.07 mln t, 23% less from the volume on the corresponding date a year earlier (7.87 mln t).

The Economy Ministry is estimating the grain harvest 2020 at over 68 mln t vs. the previously announced forecast of 65-68 mln t.

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