Beef production in Ukraine: major producers 2019

In 12M 2019, chilled and frozen beef production in Ukraine dropped by 20% YoY to 61.8 thou. t.

Beef is less in demand in Ukraine than chicken and pork, and in recent years has not exceeded 5% of total meat production. In 2019, the structure of live weight meat sales was as follows: chicken 69.5%, pork 22.9%, beef 7.4%.

Ukraine's largest beef producers in 2019 by market share:

  1. Koziatynskyi Miasokombinat: 14%
  2. Agro-Product: 10%
  3. Zhytomyrskyi Miasokombinat: 8%
  4. Rachynmiasoprom: 5%
  5. Konotopmiaso: 4%
  6. Pustomyty Miaso (Ukrlandfarming): 3%
  7. Haisyn-Miasokombynat: 3%
  8. VKP Verbivske: 2%
  9. Lubnymiaso: 2%
  10. Yantas: 2%

Co-founder and head of American Dairy Technology (ADT) Ion Moraru notes that today cattle breeding in Ukraine is unpopular, and there are many reasons for that. First of all, there is no transparent land market, no people taking care of the land, and those who lease it will never invest money in long-term business.

Sales of livestock (in live weight) for slaughter in the first half of 2020 amounted to 1.65 mln t, 8% higher YoY (1H 2019: 1.63 mln t).


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