Oilseed prices keep upward in Ukraine

Oilseeds prices rise in Ukraine was observed yesterday, Jan. 13, in Ukraine, SPIKE BROKERS reports. Traders added that conventional sunflower prices increased, the premium for high-oleic (HO) sunflower grew as well.

On Jan. 13, there was another increase in domestic prices for sunflower. During the day, prices, depending on the oil content (46-50%) in the regions, were at UAH 19,700-21,700 a ton on the basis of CPT-plant. High-oleic sunflower was traded with a premium of UAH 500-800 a ton vs. the conventional one.

On the domestic market, demand prices for GM soybean were in the range of UAH 15,800-17,500 a ton CPT-plant. Prices varied depending on the region and protein content. Non-GM soybeans for export were in higher demand at USD 640-650 a ton DAP border and USD 660-670 a ton CPT-port depending on protein content.

Corn failed to hold above USD 270 a ton. The demand was rather tepid during the day and remained in the range of USD 265-270 a ton CPT-port. With the opening of the trading session in Chicago, the sellers were following the buyers who sought USD 2-3 lower offers. The offer, on the other hand, remained consistently high at USD 270 and UAH 8,400 a ton CPT-port.

"The neutral USDA report and rainfall forecasts in South America have encouraged traders in Chicago to sell corn," commented the analysts.

The export and loading plan for vessels (lineup) totals 13 mln t. However, the yearly corn export forecast for Ukraine in 2021/22 is 33.5 mln t.

The wheat market was uncertain on the backdrop of quotations on the stock exchanges. The demand for food wheat during the day was rather limited, in the range of USD 308-314 a ton CPT-port. Prices from processing companies for high-quality wheat were ranging between UAH 8,500-9,350 a ton CPT-mill depending on the region.

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The January USDA report was for higher corn export from Ukraine, whereas wheat export projection remained unchanged at 24.2 mln t in 2021/22.

As of Jan. 10, wheat export from Ukraine crossed 16.1 mln t, corn totalled over 11.7 mln t.

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