Ukraine’s Top 10 Agricultural Employers 2018

The international Korn Ferry company has made it a tradition to rank top agricultural employers based on the annual interview of the employees. 31 companies have taken part in the ranking procedure this year with many more employees willing to voice their opinions of the employing companies.

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Korn Ferry has been studying the job market for 11 years. The current rating is the result of a survey questionnaire conducted in each of the holdings. Over 1000 employees completed the survey questionnaire. It is also worth pointing out that the survey did not take financial motivation into account.

Olga Kuzema, Senior Account Manager at Korn Ferry, emphasizes that this year’s survey is highly comprehensive and objective since the majority of the employees were willing to participate. She says that they managed to survey 100-150 people in some companies.

Nowadays agribusiness companies are understaffed with qualified personnel. Recruiters have named 2018 the year of the candidate. In 2018, holdings have to fight for professional staff members and it is rather the job candidates who chose their employers. The agribusiness has an increasing need for seasoned managers of other industries, particularly those of commerce, trade, finances, FMCG. Managers experienced in managing farmland bank and vertically integrated business models are also in high demand.

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This year’s Top 8 Latifundists list doesn’t differ much from the last year’s one except for the addition of several new names such as the Agricom Group agriholding and two large trading and processing companies Cofco Agri Ukraine and Delta Wilmar CIS.

Kernel and Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) traditionally lead the list. HarvEast has been named to the Top 3 replacing Astarta-Kyiv this year. Subsequently, Mriya Agroholding and Cygnet Agrocompany have moved down the list.

Svarog West Group Corp. has, on the other hand, moved up. This might be due to the changes in their staff policy and additional benefits the new management has been introducing.

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1. Kernel

Average Response Score: 89.48

Company's core business activities: crop production, grain and oil exports, shipping of bottled oil, elevator storages, port terminals.

Kernel is the largest sunflower exporter in Ukraine and in the world and a key supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea Region to the world market.

Number of employees: around 16 thou.

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2. HarvEast

Average Response Score: 88.31

Company's core business activities: crop production, seed production, dairy and feed production.

Number of employees: 1.5 thou.

3. Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP)

Average Response Score: 87.53

Company's core business activities: poultry production, crop production, feed production, meat processing, biogas, sunflower oil production and exports, fruit and berries production.

Number of employees: over 28 thou.

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4. Astarta-Kyiv

Average Response Score: 82.07

Company's core business activities: crop production, sugar production, dairy and meat products, biogas, soybean processing.

Number of employees: over 13 thou.

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5. Svarog West Group

Average Response Score: 77.16

Company's core business activities: crop production, seed production, sugar production, dairy and meat production, fruit and berry production, elevator services, modern machine tractor stations.

Number of employees: 3.5 thou.

6. Cofco Agri Ukraine

Average Response Score: 75.73

Company's core business activities: processing of agricultural products, transhipment, wholesale trade in grain, seeds, and feed.

Number of employees: 12 thou.

7. Delta Wilmar CIS

Average Response Score: 72.03

Company's core business activities: production and sales of vegetable fats, oils, special fats for the confectionery, bakery, dairy industries.

Number of employees: 600

8. Mriya

Average Response Score: 71.05

Company's core business activities: crop production, potato business, seed production, elevator services, animal products.

Number of employees: over 5 thou.

9. Cygnet Agrocompany

Average Response Score: 70.05

Company's core business activities: crop production, sugar production, elevator services, dairy and meat products.

Number of employees: over 800

10. Agricom Group

Average Response Score: 70.01

Company's core business activities: development, production, and distribution of cereal food products.

Number of employees: over 350

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