Four Ukrainian agroholdings preserve a stable landbank

According to the research of the land bank of TOP-10 agricultural holdings conducted by, companies with the most stable land bank over the past 5 years have been determined. During this period, only four agricultural holdings — Astarta-Kyiv, AgroGeneration, Agroprosperis and MHP demonstrated a stable land bank volume.

  1. MHP — in 2014–2015, the land bank increased by 50 thou. ha, and in 2016–2018 preserved it at 370 thou. ha;
  2. Agroprosperis — in 2014, the land bank added 30 thou. ha, in 2015–2018 preserved it at 430 thou. ha;
  3. Astarta-Kyiv — in 2016, cultivated land volume expanded by 5 thou. ha and remains at 250 thou. ha;
  4. AgroGeneration — has been preserving its land bank at 120 thou. ha.

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The agri-industrial holding MHP is the leader in the parameter of sustainability and growth. The company has increased the land bank by 50 thou. ha and preserved it over the past few years. It is curious that the owner of the MHP Yuri Kosyuk said that the company plans to stake on the IT sphere and "green" energy, rather than on the increase of the land bank. Although, the company's report for the year 2016 states that in 3-5 years MHP plans to have a land bank within 550 thou. ha.

"The world is changing and so are we. Earlier we talked about land bank, and now we talk about efficiency. We see many examples where people buy different assets and become unhappy with them. And in the end — this is the road that leads nowhere. If it is more profitable to invest in green energy, then we will do it. We say that our interest is determined by the return on investment. The increase of the land bank is less attractive for investors and this issue is No. 3 for us. It does not come first," Yuri Kosyuk noted.

The research results showed that a part of agroholdings from the TOP 10 cut their land banks over the indicated period. Among them are UkrLandFarmingMriya AgroholdingAgroton and IMC. Another part of the companies either increased the land bank or reduced it, namely: Kernel and UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO.

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